How to earn up to 20.000 US Dollar as a VR Publisher by monetizing your app

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The game developers I know are seriously passionate about what they are doing, creating engaging games is more their calling than their profession. But at a certain point all of them faced the issues to actually make a living out of what they are doing, so they had to find a way to monetize their games. As users follow the freemium model and are not used to pay for content anymore, advertisement is the usual way to make money with games and apps.

Especially in the emerging VR sphere the monetization of content is still challenging, for various reasons:

1. The old ad formats are totally annoying

Think about a common 2D ad (banner or video) popping up into your eyes while wearing your HMD, this foreign body destroys the user’s immersion and feeling of presence. If starting a VR experience, no one wants to click on a bunch of 2D banners, you just want to dive into this great digital world. Even worse are those ad-formats that force the user to pull down the HMDs between two levels.

As a Dev it’s really hard to figure out the right form and placement of advertisement that does not scare the user off.

2. The implementation is time-consuming

Even if the you, the dev, found the suitable form of advertisement, you’re not done – you’ll need to sign up for Ad Networks, how funny is that?! First of all you’d need to do an one hour skype call to learn about all the features of a platform you just want to visit for one thing. Then you’d probably wait three weeks until your registration is validated. Oh, not to forget that you might not be accepted as your game does not generate enough clicks or impressions per day (so why don’t you just design a stupid “10 ways to do stupid stuff” click-through website).

Finally able to enter the glorious ad-platform (wow, you can earn up to 3 USD per 100 views!) you’ll need to implement the ad networks SDK. Ideally that works out perfectly fine with no crashes or issues, normally that’s not the case. When facing a bug you need to talk to a Key Account manager who forwards you problem to the dev-department and so on…

So you made it (after three months) and successfully connected to ONE Ad Network. The more ad solutions you implement into your game, the merrier the earnings. But that would eat up a lot of time and energy that you actually want to put into your games, right?

No Call, 10min Setup, High Gains

We at VIRE are devs (or at least devs in mind) and it’s our main approach to offer an easy and hands on monetization tool for developers, especially in the VR field. You don’t need to do a skype call with us (but you can always say Hi if you want to), just download our SDK, connect it with very few simple lines of code with our servers, that’s it – earn money!

What? It’s that simple?! We connected to several Ad Networks (Yes, we talked to them through Skype and so on and on, actually they offer a great support and service for us, so you won’t have to deal with them) and always deliver the most valuable advertisement for your apps. Furthermore we not only display 2D videos or banners, we created a VR inspired environment, that can either be displayed in VR directly or in 2D. That means the user does not need to leave the VR experience and can move around freely like in the game.

Up to 15 USD per 1000 Views

With our ads you can earn up to 15 USD per 1000 views. One of our publishers already generates 50.000 views per day, what indicates earnings of about 20.000 USD per month. Not bad for only ten minutes of integration-work, right? It does not take longer to integrate our SDK, we promise.

If you’re interested in this offer, just register for our platform. Through the dashboard you can visit our documentation, download our SDK and go through the implementation process. If you have any question, contact us! We’re pleased to help!

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