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In the most user and performance friendly way.

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For Publishers & Developers

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    Monetize your content

    Generate revenue by monetizing your content through non-disturbing Native Ads.

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    Easy to integrate

    Kickoff within 5 minutes using our SDKs for Unity, Unreal and other game engines.

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    Performance friendly

    No matter if 10 or 10.000 users – our solution won’t slow down your experience.

Alpha Features

Using our alpha version you are able to:

  • Test core Features
  • Monetize Users
  • Integrate Placements
  • Track Users
  • Book your own Placements
  • Download Reports & Game Analytics

Get started

For a first placement in our Alpha experience you need:



You can manage everything by yourself with your VIRE account. Simply use our Login to get started.



Download our official VIRE Plugin. We support Unity & Unreal. Just install it and kickoff.


Place & Connect

Play around with the placements. Integrate & connect them through our platform. Start tracking.


Measure your Virtual and Augmented Reality campaigns in real-time. We provide you with an outstanding tracking to analyze your campaigns and improve your experiences for free.

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We are VIRE, the first native advertising platform for Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Advertise. Monetize. Track. User friendly.

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One platform. Many possibilities.

Our platform connects publishers with advertisers. Change VR & AR product placements with just one click, monitor your campaigns and get tracking insights including detailed performance reports within a few seconds.

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